Breast Lift in Edmonton

A breast lift in Edmonton can immediately change a woman’s appearance, because the results are so eye-catching.

As a body-focused plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Toy frequently works with women looking to bring projection and perkiness to their chests via a breast lift.

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Breast Lift

This procedure differs from a breast augmentation, which increases the breasts’ volume, making them larger, usually with the insertion of a breast implant. A breast lift – also known as a mastopexy – is intended to lift sagging breasts, no matter the size, so they no longer appear to droop downward. The procedure will remove excess skin, tighten and reshape the breast, and reposition the nipple to a higher and more youthful location. In many cases, the areolar size can be adjusted.

If you are happy with your existing breast volume in a bra, are looking for a natural breast shape with a fuller lower breast and gentle slope to the top of the breast, then a breast lift might be right for you. Some patients wish to have a lifted and more youthful breast, but want more than their current volume, more fullness in the upper breast and a fuller shape – in these patients a breast lift with an implant may be necessary. This is a decision that you and Dr. Toy can make when you are seen at your initial consultation.

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As women age, their chests begin to lose that youthful profile. Breasts begin to droop and hang, which can be due to the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, genetics, and just the simple constant pull of gravity over time.

Dr. Toy will speak with you to learn what you’re looking for in a breast lift, and together you’ll determine the best course of action based on your current health, the size and shape of your breasts, the size and shape you’d like them to be, and other factors.

A breast lift can correct asymmetrical breasts that hang to different levels, even out size differences, as well as change areolas that have stretched to disproportionate sizes.

Breast lift details

A breast lift involves Dr. Toy making one of three common incisions, then lifting and reshaping the breast tissue, repositioning the areola and nipple into a higher spot on the breast, and tightening the skin and eliminating any excess. Since no tissue or implant is added in a breast lift by itself, you must be satisfied with the current volume of your breasts in a bra.

It is also possible to have a breast lift with implants. An implant will add volume to the breast and give the breast a “perkier” shape. Most importantly, a breast implant is one of the only reliable ways over time to give women a fuller upper breast. It’s important to be very clear about your goals when you’re consulting with Dr. Toy so he can ensure you’re getting the procedure intended to deliver the results you’re aiming for.

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