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Considering a lower body lift? Dr. Jonathan Toy focuses on post weight-loss surgery, making him the plastic surgeon of choice for this and similar procedures in the Edmonton area.
A single procedure to tighten up a specific area of your body after weight loss – for instance, a thigh lift – might be enough to give you the look you want, but remember that multiple procedures can be combined to preserve an overall impression of balance and proportion. A lower body lift isn’t one surgery, but is a custom-tailored mix of surgeries that impact areas from the abdomen down that includes a tummy tuck and removal of skin from the outer thighs and upper buttocks (removal of a belt of skin around the waist that can be like you are pulling the lower body skin up – like a pair of pants).

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A lower body lift mainly addresses skin that’s become loose due to some combination of aging, weight loss, and gravity. Associated problems can range from general looser tissue that lacks aesthetic appeal to specific sagging areas that create discomfort or even medical problems. Overhanging skin can generate friction that leads to tender patches, rashes, and worse.

The “lift” in lower body lift involves Dr. Toy tightening this loose skin by making an incision, shaping the underlying tissue, and eliminating any excess. This tightens the abdomen and lifts the outer thighs and buttocks. In many cases, liposuction can be performed at the same time to remove excess fat deposits in the outer hips, flanks, and lower back to create a slimmer and more shapely appearance.

Lower body lift details

The lower body lift procedure could include one of a variety of outer thigh lift options, which vary in terms of overall size and scope, as well as incision location. This lift can impact your outer thighs, front thighs, and buttocks. As a result, the entire midsection can be addressed. A lower body lift alone does not, however, correct loose skin and excess fat on the inner thighs. Inner thigh skin is best corrected with removing skin directly from this area (inner thigh lift).

Be sure to discuss the look you want with Dr. Toy during your consultation; he’ll explain what each procedure does and how it can benefit your specific body type and shape in greater detail.

An upper body lift, removal excess skin in the upper trunk or side of the chest and may be combined with other upper body procedures such as an arm lift or breast lift.

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