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Liposuction is a specialty of Edmonton’s Dr. Jonathan Toy, who has dedicated his practice to body contouring and aesthetic breast surgery.

Whether you’re looking to eliminate a stubborn pocket of fat or two or are interested in fully showing off your new figure after some significant weight loss, you have an expert in liposuction ready to help guide you through the process from start to finish.

As you explore liposuction on this page, remember that the procedure isn’t a means of overall weight loss and it isn’t for combating obesity. Instead, liposuction is designed for people looking to treat isolated and distinct areas of their body. It’s intended to help you get rid of fat that even diet and exercise can’t seem to touch – the sort of fat that can hide the slim, sleek figure beneath.

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Liposuction before and after pictures you may have seen tend to focus on a person’s belly, and while that’s definitely an area that the procedure targets, it’s not the only part of the body that can benefit. Liposuction can be used to get rid of localized fat from virtually top to bottom:

  • legs and thighs
  • waist
  • belly, sides, and back
  • chest
  • upper arms

It’s important to come into the procedure with a clear understanding of what’s possible and how to achieve it. Liposuction works best in areas with tighter skin – if you have looser skin or extra skin, liposuction alone will usually not be the surgery necessary to give you the results you are looking for. Since Dr. Toy has performed a large number of liposuction procedures, he’s able to ensure that his patients go into the surgery with confidence and the knowledge that he’s committed to providing them the best possible results. He’ll make the time to examine the problem areas and suggest the best regions to target for liposuction. His goal will be sleek contours that highlight the figure you worked hard for-and now want to show off.

It’s important to be clear about what you’re hoping to achieve via liposuction. Dr. Toy will be honest and open in his conversations with you so you can together develop a plan that’s realistic and that maximizes your best assets. His expertise in body contouring after weight loss has made him a trusted resource for people in Edmonton and beyond looking for liposuction and other procedures designed to change their figure and silhouette.

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There will be plenty of time to discuss liposuction cost and scheduling, but it’s a good idea to first learn more about the procedure itself.

Dr. Toy performs liposuction for men and women, and each person has a distinct body shape, goal, and reason for wanting the procedure. He treats patients as individuals, working for the best outcome possible in each unique situation.

As noted above, the procedure may help people who have recently lost weight, whether through a change in eating habits and exercise or because of bariatric surgery. Sometimes, it seems that no matter what you try, some fat just refuses to let go. However, if skin excess exists, in many cases liposuction alone may not be adequate, and skin removal may be necessary.

Liposuction details

Liposuction is actually a fairly simple procedure to explain. Dr. Toy will make a small incision in the desired location, through which he’ll insert a thin tube or cannula. He’ll use this to loosen the excess fat and suction it away.

Though the description of the liposuction procedure is fairly basic, the results can be dramatic. The removal of even a small amount of fat can make a noticeable difference.

As with all surgeries, there will be some necessary down time following the procedure. Once you see the results, however, you can be sure that they’ll stay, as long as you remain committed to keeping a healthy weight and body tone.

Also note that though liposuction will have a big impact on your appearance, liposuction alone may not be enough to give you the exact body shape you want, since loose skin might remain behind after the fat is removed, or other parts of your body may now appear out of proportion with the newly slimmed regions. Fortunately, this is not always the case – and if it is, there are options that can give you even more of the smooth, slim look you’re going for.

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