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In considering breast augmentation in Edmonton – or other breast surgery – you have beautiful options and a comforting consultant in Dr. Jonathan Toy.

Dr. Toy’s techniques for breast surgery allow every woman to have a uniquely crafted plan for a result that harmonizes with her proportions. Every patient is different and special consideration of a patient’s anatomy, pre-existing tissues and overall goals need to be included in the surgical decision making. Cosmetic breast surgery is an overall term for several types of procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and implant revision.

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Breast Augmentation

We’ll explore what all of those procedures involve, but remember that each of these surgeries has a specific purpose and outcome. The main focus for a breast augmentation is to add volume via the insertion of an implant. An implant is a reliable way improve the shape of your breast as well as raise the height of the top of your breast on the chest wall. There are many choices when deciding on an implant including the projection (how round the implant is and how much it sticks off the chest wall), size, what they’re filled with, and how wide they are. Implant choice is a very important decision which can be discussed in consultation with Dr. Toy to determine the right implant for you.

You may want to consult Dr. Toy to seek breast augmentation in Edmonton because you’re quietly dissatisfied with the fit of your clothing, underwear, or swimwear. If you’re unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts, shopping for clothes can be a stressful and discouraging experience. Finding flattering swimwear or underwear can be challenging, and some women may actually want to avoid shopping altogether as a result.

Perhaps your figure has changed after having children, and you feel nostalgic for your “original” body. You may have become accustomed to wearing padded bras for balance and proportion, and prefer your enhanced breasts and wish they were permanent.

There are many reasons women decide to learn more about a breast augmentation and ultimately choose the procedure to make a change in their lives.

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After looking at images of “breast implants before and after,” you’ll be able to imagine your own “after” image and be ready to make the first call.

At Dr. Toy’s Edmonton clinic, there are a variety of breast surgery procedures that can improve the appearance of breasts. Small, asymmetric, or misshapen breasts can be corrected with the insertion of breast implants. This breast augmentation is a different procedure from a breast lift with or without implants, designed to benefit sagging breasts by reshaping your own tissues, removing extra skin, and elevating the nipple to a more aesthetic position. Very heavy breasts can be made more comfortable with improved shape and appearance with a breast reduction.

Dr. Toy performs breast augmentation in Edmonton at a private, fully accredited, ambulatory surgical suite (Alberta Surgical Centre). Patients will receive general anesthesia for their surgery and be completely asleep.

Breast augmentation details

There are many different ways to place breast implants:

In the most common breast augmentation technique, Dr. Toy makes a small incision on the underside of your breast, in the natural skin fold. A pocket for the implant is made most commonly under the chest muscle. He places the implant through this opening.
Dr. Toy may make an incision around the edge of your areola alternatively.

In patients that have a looser or lower breast or lower nipple position and wish to have more volume, fuller breasts, and have the top of their breasts start higher on their chest, a lift and augmentation may be performed at the same time. The lift tightens the breast itself and the implant adds shape and volume.

Dr. Toy will work with you to determine the best possible breast augmentation incision location, which depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the implant, your current health, and the type of implant: saline or gel-filled. Each style has its own set of strengths and benefits that can be discussed at the time of your individualized consultation.

Whatever your concerns, there’s a breast surgery option available to make your breasts more proportionate with improvement in shape and appearance. For breast implants in Edmonton, your first step is to call Dr. Jonathan Toy for a consultation. Look forward to a warm and conversational manner that will put you thoroughly at ease with your desire for a new image. Dr. Toy will guide you in deciding on the ideal breast augmentation implant size, shape, and projection and tailor an individualized surgical plan for you.

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