Inner Thigh Lift in Edmonton

An inner thigh lift is a good way to eliminate loose skin that can accumulate on the upper inner part of your legs as you lose weight or simply start to see the effects of getting older.

The visual issues caused by drooping, sagging skin can lead some people to work out more and diet in an effort to get a new, sleek look, but even the most rigorous exercise and strict food plans won’t change flabbiness due to loose skin. Such a problem can only be treated with a lift that eliminates the hanging tissue directly.

Dr. Jonathan Toy is an expert at plastic surgery related to conditions that develop after weight loss, so he performs many thigh lifts at his Edmonton practice. The effect is smoother inner thigh, a sleeker silhouette, and a body contour that doesn’t create the impression of fat where there isn’t much fat any more.

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Fat that accumulates on your upper inner leg can keep that part of your body from looking thin, but even when it’s gone, loose skin that won’t conform to a post-weight-loss body can continue to generate an impression of flabbiness.

If you don’t like the look of your inner thighs, Dr. Toy can examine them and work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you get the look you want. He can determine the cause of the problem, whether it’s more fat to be removed or an abundance of loose skin than can be excised in an inner thigh lift. His goal is not to perform an isolated procedure, but to ensure that you get an overall balanced and healthy look.

Thigh lift details

An inner thigh lift – while it may include some liposuction to eliminate stubborn fat pockets, is intended primarily to address skin that hangs loosely from your inner legs. Dr. Toy will adjust underlying tissue as necessary, then reduce the overlying skin so it sits tight against the new contours.

The type and placement of the incision for this procedure depends on the amount of excess skin and where it sits on your leg. Dr. Toy may make an incision in your groin area alone, or he may extend it down the “pant seam” line of the inner thigh. Incisions are planned to be able to hide them within the area typically covered by underwear or a swimsuit or shorts, but the exact placement and length of the incisions will be discussed ahead of time and is dependent on how much skin excess is present.

An inner thigh lift can complement an overall lower body lift, and can balance an arm lift or upper body lift.

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