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An upper body lift in Edmonton combines several of Dr. Jonathan Toy’s specialties. As an expert in post weight-loss surgery, he regularly performs the tightening procedures that make breasts perkier, arms tighter, and skin smoother.

An upper body lift involves removal of loose skin and excess fat from around the upper trunk, usually hiding the scar in the position of the bra line in women.

While a breast lift or arm lift alone can definitely make a visual impact, combining the two procedures and adding others – such as upper back liposuction or an upper body lift – can maintain your entire upper body’s proportions to ensure a natural, balanced appearance.

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While skin tends to droop all over our bodies as we age, the change is particularly noticeable above the waist. Upper arms can develop flabby pockets that hang down and wobble when we wave. Breasts can sag and point toward the ground instead of projecting outward, and can rub against the skin beneath, chafing and creating an uncomfortable – or even painful situation.

Loose skin is a particular result of losing a large amount of weight through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. An upper body lift targets the loose skin around the upper trunk or side and side of the chest. Upper body lifts are commonly combined with other procedures that can balance the look of the torso.

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A breast lift may be combined with an upper body lift. While it includes shaping tissue and tightening skin envelope of the breast, it also involves repositioning the nipples that aim toward the ground instead of pointing forward. Implants are also an option with this procedure, since adding volume to the breasts can make them appear perkier with a fuller shape and appearance.

An arm lift may involve liposuction to remove small pockets of fat and removal of excess arm skin. An arm lift may be combined with an upper body lift. Dr. Toy will likely make an incision on the inside of your upper arm for this procedure.

An upper body contouring procedure can also include liposuction and skin tightening on problem areas on your back and chest. Men may opt for this procedure to tone up their upper bodies and reduce the appearance of unwanted chest fullness due to fat, breast glandular tissue (gynecomastia) and sagging skin on their chests.

An upper body lift pairs well with a tummy tuck, since any chest and back work balances well with a sleek abdomen. You may have a specific procedure in mind when you first come to Dr. Toy, but be sure to talk about the overall look you hope to achieve so together you can make sure that the upper body lift and other surgeries you choose give you the best end results.

A lower body lift, which removes skin from the outer thighs, upper buttocks and abdomen does the similar sort of tightening in the midsection.

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