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A breast reduction in Edmonton is a procedure that can literally take a lot of weight off of a woman’s shoulders-as well as her back and neck.
Overly large breasts can pull down on your frame, creating muscle tension and pain, as well as posture issues. Other problems include bras and clothing that don’t fit properly, and even irritation where the breasts make contact with the skin on your chest.

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Dr. Jonathan Toy may perform breast reduction surgery for a variety of reasons, but the procedure is the same from woman to woman. He delivers consistent results, helped by his attention to detail and a focus on breast and body work at his Edmonton practice.

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Large breasts can be difficult to manage. Physical discomfort may be a daily reality for women who carry overly large breasts for their size, and many women might also be seeking breasts that are more proportionate with the rest of their figure.

Whether they call it a reduction mammaplasty or a “boob reduction,” women seeking this surgery for any reason may want to explore breast reduction before and after images to get an idea of how they’ll look after the procedure, whether it’s being done to relieve physical discomfort, to improve aesthetics, or both. Dr. Toy is a conscientious doctor who works to make sure his patients understand exactly what they’re facing in their effort to change their breasts.

A breast reduction can also be used to address breasts that differ in size and thereby create an asymmetrical, lopsided look.

Breast reduction details

A breast reduction is relatively simple to explain, as it involves Dr. Toy making incisions, then removing tissue and fat, eliminating any excess skin, and closing the incision. Generally, the breast is narrowed, the nipple is repositioned, and in many cases the areola is made smaller to match the proportions of the new breast. The breast is perkier and reshaped, giving a more youthful appearance.

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